I think. Therefore, I am.

Thinking seems to be a lost art today. We typically consume what is fed to us by the various forms of media that assault our senses daily. This consumption is then used to define who we are by associating ourselves with political views, community organizations, stances on societal issues, and opinions about everything from economics to foreign policy to where to find a really good steak.

The troubling aspect of this is that it all takes place through the use of our physical senses only, with no discernment of thought applied to what those senses are telling us. We hook our wagon to catch phrases spoon-fed to us by the media, without taking a moment to consider if there is any truth or logic to the statement.

An example of this is the abortion issue, where the two sides have been assigned the monikers Pro-Choice and Pro-Life. Regardless of where you stand on the issue, any minimally-instructed English student can tell you that the opposite of life is not choice. The pro-abortion movement consciously moved away from the term Pro-Abortion early on, because they recognized the public relations nightmare that it created. They chose the term Pro-Choice, and it took hold because it was unleashed on an un-thinking public.

Stop being an opinion consumer. Start being a creator. Thoughtfully consider what you read and hear. Discern what is truth. Think critically. Dig deep. Develop your own informed opinions. Make a difference in the world!


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